New spectra stay

Halvor Seiløe Smith, a Doyle sailmaker, who along with his colleague Fredrik Brodersen was talking about sails and sharing tips and tricks in front of about 25 local sailors recently, says he has sailed the Villanda a lot. It was a few years back, when she was known as Reinbuen, home port Bergen.

Very fun boat, and she could really fly, he says.

Seiløe Smith is a former EuroChampion in the 6,50 meter class, and volunteered immediately as knowledge resource for the boat. Very nice. He suggested replacing the heavy wire backstay and running backstays (lensetakler) – and even check stays – with sleek spectra nearly no-weigth, super strong line. It will relieve the mast of many kilos aloft, maybe fifty.

He suggests 6 mm spectra (break load of approx. 1500 kg) will be sufficient for the back stay, and 1:48 tackle tightening system. For running back stays 8 mm (break load 2760 kg). Here’s a table.

All very nice, the spectra back stays are for sure. Halvor also had a couple suggestions for simplifying the main sheet. We’ll see…

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Endelig helg!

I helga er det Sol og flatt hav, arrangementet som åpner båtsesongen offisielt her i byen.
Jeg fortsetter arbeidet på Villanda.

I går ble nye genoaskjøter innkjøpt hos Harstad Marina, utmerkede 14 mm, «hårete» tau fra restekurven i butikken. Det ble to nye, 15 meter lange skjøter, pluss et like langt som kan bli reserve…

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